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Ulysses Contest is a complex case study team competition which is based on the solution of case studies compiled about family firms specifically targeted under the framework of the project. A complex collection of case studies presents the practical problems of local family firms in a way that they could be solved by the entrepreneurship competences set out in the EntreComp Framework.

It is Erasmus+ funded with a duration of 2 years.


The project partners are:

General information

The Family Business Center organizes the first digital competition in which students from all over Europe can solve practical problems of local family businesses. Participation is worthwhile for both sides: students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge from the university. The family businesses benefit from the proposed solutions and can make contact with future graduates and promising specialists.


The online registration will be open from January, 1st to March, 20th 2023. Students can either register alone or in pairs. Students need a picture and personal data for registration. Teams of 4 students will be created. There will be an online group for each team that students can communicate with their team mates directly.



The Case competition will consist of two rounds, whereby the first round will be held from April, 11th to 25th 2023. Teams will randomly receive a case study on a family business’ real life problem to create a possible solution based on case specific questions. Result should be a written solution with 5-6 pages and a short video presentation. The second round will be held from May, 2nd to 23rd 2023. The winning teams of the first round will move further to the second round. In this round all teams work on the same case. Result should be a written solution with 5-6 pages and a short video presentation.


The Ulysses Contest is an effective link for the transfer of university knowledge into practice, from which local companies derive real added value. At the same time, the entrepreneurial, digital and intercultural skills of the students are trained through practical application, which benefits their professional careers.

Anita Zehrer
Prof. MMag. Dr. habil. Anita Zehrer Head of Family Business Center +43 512 2070 - 7100

Review | Partnermeetings


The third meeting of the international partners took place in Bolzano. Preparations for the competition are already in full swing. The first family businesses, including companies in the tourism sector, wineries and wood processing companies, have already confirmed their participation. In Innsbruck, the Family Business Center is currently reaching out to family businesses to identify challenges that could serve as a basis for digital competition. Once the members of the family businesses have been interviewed, so-called case studies are created based on their real-world problems. These must be solved by the participants during the Ulysses Contest.

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In mid-February, the first personal meeting of the partners of the Ulysses - Student Case Competition took place in Innsbruck at the MCI. The focus of this two-day meeting of the six international partners was on the coordination and finalization of the procedure and the rules of the competition. The various partners presented first developed case studies and problems of family businesses. Strategies for implementing the project plans were discussed.


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