Social Dynamics & Social Policy

Whether quantitative or qualitative, problem- or solution-oriented, theoretical or empirical approaches, the focus is on relational and processual dynamics in the social, economic and political spheres and on pointing out potentials and conditions for enabling socially sustainable and future-oriented development of society. Central themes are changes in the welfare state or social system and in this sense the social participation of different (disadvantaged) groups of people, integration into the labour market, migration, individual life courses and also changes in the living or social space.


Public Health & Behavioural Sciences

Health promotion is an essential part of the Austrian health targets. It entails the enhancement of health literacy across all age groups, fostering health among children and adolescents, and providing healthy living and working conditions. The aim is to ensure a sustainable growth of healthy life years in the population. A special focus is put on decision-making behavior of individuals concerning health and influencing factors such as preferences and socio-economic status.


Digital Media, Health & Society

Digital media create new information environments and pose opportunities and challenges for health and society. They create new spaces for learning, promote social exchange and stimulate participatory processes. At the same time, they may contribute to the dissemination of misinformation, facilitate social inequalities and trigger social and political polarization. To leverage the positive potential, we need to understand how citizens use digital media and how these technologies affect them individually and as part of the social and political system.


Social Work Practice, Social Change & Human Rights

This research area studies fields of action (including virtual social space),  methods and theories (basic research), participation – digital media, innovative research methods, analysis of social space, shape our society – social planning, as well as evaluation – organizational analysis, practice research and participatory research.





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