Our research aims not only to enrich scientific discourse, but also to provide an evidence-based and action-oriented decision-making basis for policy and society. In this respect, the focus lies on the following topics:

Health Economics & Health Policy

A core part of our research is dedicated to leveraging health policy and economics tools to make health systems and medical practices more accessible and efficient. We also focus on helping improve health literacy, ensuring people can make informed decisions about their health while taking into consideration how personal preferences and socioeconomic status affect these decisions. In addition, we're venturing into the realm of planetary health and green healthcare, exploring the connection between our health and the environment to create a sustainable and healthier future.

Digital Media, AI & Health

Digital media and the rapid development of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) present new opportunities and challenges for public health. They create a distinct information environment for learning, problem-solving, social interaction, and participation. However, they can also contribute to the dissemination of misinformation, social inequalities, and societal polarization. To fully harness the potential of digitalization, we need to understand how to utilize digital tools and AI to improve information environments, bolster the accessibility of healthcare, and foster health and well-being.

Social Dynamics & Social Policy

Whether quantitative or qualitative, problem- or solution-oriented, theoretical or empirical approaches, the focus is on relational and processual dynamics in the social, economic, and political spheres. The aim is to identify potentials and conditions that enable socially sustainable and future-oriented development of society. Central themes encompass changes in the welfare state or social system, emphasizing the social participation of different (disadvantaged) groups of people, integration into the labour market, migration, individual life courses, as well as changes in living or social spaces and the impact of social determinants of health.

Social Work Practice, Social Change & Human Rights

Various fields of action of social work, including the virtual social space, are analysed in order to understand and address current challenges and opportunities for society. The aim is to explore and improve social work practice in an ever-changing global context. Our research focuses on topics such as theories of social work, participation through digital media, innovative research methods, social space analyses, social planning and the shaping of society. Other central topics are evaluation, organisational analyses, practice research and the involvement of users in the research process.


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