Collection and publication of completed projects and academic papers dealing with family business-related issues*; Creation of a platform for assigning Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis and dissertation topics.


Succession (selection)

  • Master Thesis | Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer in the Media Industry: Methods and Influencing Factors | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | From Failure to Thrive: How does the ability to recover from failure affect the next generation of potential entrepreneurs? | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis| Family Internal Versus Family External Succession – A Comparison | PDF| IMG
  • Bachelor Thesis | Emotions in Family Business Succession | PDF| IMG
  • Bachelor Thesis | Family Firm Succession: What Kind of Knowledge Does the Successor Need and How can He/She Facilitate the Transfer of it? | PDF| IMG


Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Marketing (selection)

  • Dissertation | The Relevance of Entrepreneurial Orientation for Family Business Performance – A Study on Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Performance Goals and Heterogeneity of Family Firms
  • Master Thesis | Entrepreneurial Behavior in the Leading and Succeeding Generation of Family-Run Businesses in the Hotel Industry | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Customer Perception of Service Quality in Family-Run Hotels | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis |  Business Model Innovation in Family-owned car dealerships | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Social Network Analysis of a family run business in a touristic destination | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Prerequisites for the creation of a knowledge-oriented organisational culture in small family firms | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Entrepreneurial Knowledge in Family Firms | PDF| IMG


Human Resource Management (selection)

  • Master Thesis | The Role of CSR in Employer Branding – A Qualitative Research on Large Family Businesses within Southern Germany and Western Austria | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Economic Possibilities to Foster Employee Retention for Family-Managed Small and Medium Sized Enterprises | PDF| IMG
  • Master Thesis | Diversity and Inclusion Management: A Case Study based on the luxury hospitaly Industriy | PDF| IMG


Family (selection)

  • Master Thesis | The development of the Family Constitution in Practice | PDF| IMG


Students projects on commission

The Family Business Center provides family-owned companies with the opportunity to commission relevant projects to either Bachelor or Master students. Commissioned projects make it possible to scientifically approach and empirically examine the challenges or problem areas of individual family businesses.

Commissions requests may be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Confidential data will be protected.

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